A gift box with exotic aromatic mysteries is a perfect gift to carry along. 

Six packets of 4 different fragrances infused in hand rolled incense sticks with a wood based stone incense holder have been packed just for you.


'Gayatri' gift pouch is a choice of five delightful blended fragrances, which brings to you the essence of five qualities, essential for our spirit's well being. Packed in a fine linen bag, are five packets of ten sticks each with an incense holder. The whole pack is dedicated to the mahamantra 'Gayatri', the sacred vedic formula, chanted for thousands of years by the mystic rishis of Vedic India during their daily prayers.


A collection pack has been specially made for our clients, who prefer a set of our 'Sanskriti', the series of traditional fragrances. This beautiful pack is available in two different sets of six traditional fragrances, in six packets of 10 sticks each with an incense holder.





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