Remember the rapture when you breathed that sudden smell, that incredible scent which captured you… 

In India, the elders muse about the good old days when present day air pollution was yet to reach home. The rapture of exotic fragrances of the flowers and fruits filled the air. Each season brought in a new fragrance, with each having a unique effect on one's being. Aromatherapy is the essence of such a natural healing process with the help of the most essential part of life..............
BREATH. A breath taken consciously heals a person of ailments and disease. It relieves tension and soothes the nerves.

Mystique proudly offers a fine line of 100% pure essential oils, prepared in accordance with an ancient tradition, 
using the aromatic properties and life force of medicinal plants. These natural oils are used for
aromatherapy, which are particularly effective for stress, anxiety, depression and many other health problems.





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